• Strain on the emergency responders. Phoenix Fire response times are already at a crisis level at nearly TWICE (9 minutes) the national recommendation of 5 minutes. 87 % of Phoenix Fire  calls are medical related and assisted living is a huge suck of our already severely strained emergency services. Former Fire Captain at station 31 estimates, "half of Fire's calls are from assisted living and behavioral health facilities." It jeopardizes others when real emergencies arise in the surrounding communities.
  • Developer safety concerns: Church Fire 2019.  Cause of Church has been determined as due to a contractor's negligence in improperly storing combustible materials.  Proposed builder had case before Registrar of Contractors (ROC Case 2018-3012) regarding nonpayment of subcontractors due to poor workmanship issues.  ROC case resulted in Developer discipline and license suspension. 
  • 3 years of construction means children and adults with compromised lung capacity (asthma and post-covid complications) will suffer with high dust and air-borne particulates just like the last two years of building the Church after the fire.
  • Influx of low-pay 24/7 direct care workers from outside our neighborhood. Two shifts over 60 workers a shift
  • Decreased property values.  University Study on this website reveals 10% decline in property values. Real Estate 101  -  will someone buy your home next to a 3-year huge construction site and later a massive high-density commercial complex? 
  • Increased Traffic/accidents on Shea Blvd., Cactus, Tatum, and 40th Street.  Middle lane on 40th already will be ONLY entrance and exit. Overflow parking will be on the streets!
  • Increased Industrial noise - worker shift changes, delivery and trade vehicles, trash and service trucks, over 120 AC units humming day and night.
  • Increased Heat Island due to huge building size, asphalt parking for 200 plus cars and NO TREES.  Does meet City goal of 27 percent shade.
  • Neighbors new view is of industrial care facility instead of mountains.
  • Risk of increase in local taxes from:
    • More road maintenance
    • More Fire and ambulance resources at assisted living
    • More resources development for water, sewer, energy on multiunit complex
  • NO EXIT PLAN SHOULD THIS NOT BE PROFITABLE -NO TRANSPARENCY of Contracts. St. Joesph’s and the for-profit partners have all the legal contracts and risky outside lending capital.
  • During Covid-19 many Care Facilities went bankrupt and into receivership. Assets go to highest bidder. Neighbors have no say in what it becomes once rezoned.

Benefits to Residents:

  • None.  We will not use this facility. Demographic data of neighborhood shows neighbors are too young and income too low to afford a base cost of this facility of $6,000 per month not covered by insurance. 
  • Large rift and break in trust now exists in community with the Church over this rezone.  Unlikely neighbors will participate in any way in this facility.
  • Data shows residents of this community will not work there so there will be an influx of 24/7 workers for outside our neighborhood.  Data again shows employment offered by the facility will be primarily direct care jobs and hard to fill given current labor shortage. Post Covid and given high turnover, burn-out, labor intensive work and low pay, direct care workers are at critical shortages. 
    ------Average Arizona direct care worker's salary is low at $ 14.66 per hour and nearly $2.37 less than comparable entry level service jobs.  This facility will produce no jobs for the neighborhood. Data shows that of direct care workers in Arizona, 43 percent are from low-income homes, 30 percent lack affordable housing, 62 percent of direct care workers are persons of color and 25 percent are first generation immigrants.  This is not the demographic of our neighborhood.

                  HUGE UNKNOWNS
  • Catholic Diocese owns the land but will they own the facility?  St. Joes is only leasing the land.   WHO WILL OWN THE FACILITY?  Asian investors like Button Capital?  If this fails, what is exit strategy?   Can be repurposed for further and LARGER high-density development. 
  • Developer and tenants do not pay equal proportion of tax associated with road maintenance and expansion, LARGE INCREASE in fire and first responder needs, water, sewer and water grid resource improvements.  Who pays?
  • Who is leasing this facility? - Cogir or investors from Asia from Button Capital?




Benefits to St. Joseph's Catholic Church  

  • Hefty potential revenue steam and profit sharing from leasing the land to Cogir Management.
  • Profit Sharing.  Church documents state they will also profit share while also fulfilling their "mission" of serving their elderly parishioners ....oxymoron?  
  • No financial or human resources to plan, build, or maintain. All of this responsibility OUTSOURCED.

Benefits to Shea Connelly and International Investors

  • PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT– Developers often sell off and cash in upon reaching occupancy goals.
  • Cogir - Management.  Growing PROFIT  Cogir will seek to gain stronger foothold in U.S. market with this facility. INCREASE MARKET SHARE IN SENIOR MANAGEMENT MARKET.

!!!! IMPORTANT DOCUMENT - WRITTEN NEIGHBORHOOD CONCERNS/QUESTIONS !!!!   Below is a document that outlines the valid concerns and questions expressed by neighbors at the September 28, 2022 meeting.  It was received by Developer and Partners on October 4, 2022.   As of February 2023, Developer and Partners have refused to answer the questions despite neighbors repeated requests focusing instead on pavers and fence composition.

Cholla Cove Desert Cove Rezoning CONCERNS AND REQUESTS
PDF – 187.9 KB 395 downloads